HealthyFoundations Counselling

Rock Statue on Water, Photo by Jereen

What is Counselling?

Healthy Foundations Counselling takes an approach that is built around you as an individual. I believe that you have within yourself vast resources for self-understanding, for altering your self-concept, attitudes and behaviours, and that these resources can be tapped into collaboratively, as you are your own best “expert”.

Working collaboratively promotes the building of a healthy counselling relationship, one in which you may find yourself able to explore difficult topics or memories or try new and different behaviours. Sometimes within these experiences new thoughts or emotions can arise and together we will work through these feelings.

Each of us is unique and therefore your therapy experience will also be unique. Healthy Foundations Counselling holds an unconditional positive regard and acceptance for all clients and takes a non-judgmental approach as well as offers active listening and empathetic communication and understanding. Your needs are the foundation for the therapy you will participate in. Together, we will work to obtain the goals you have for yourself within a warm, person-centred therapeutic environment. A variety of methods are used in my approach to counselling and I will create a treatment plan with you taking an approach that best suits your individual situation.